How To Join

Membership is attained by creating a POFST website user account and completing the online membership signup. Membership fees are payable at that time via Paypal.

Why Join?

As your son or daughter begins to learn more than the basic ice skating skills, they may be interested in competing individually or with a team.

Participating in officially sanctioned recreational competitions must be done through membership with an Ice Skating Institute (ISI) home rink. The Piney Orchard Figure Skating Team, through it's affiliation with ISI provides that requirement and competes in many regional ISI competitions.

Skaters, along with the input of his or her coach and parent, can decide on individual, production, or other group/team-based events for competition.

Benefits of Membership Include:

  • Fun stuff - halloween skate, holiday show, spring exhibition, end of season party, etc...
  • Competing in ISI recreational competitions
  • Building Friendships, Comradery and Social Skills
  • Encourages Good Sportsmanship and Teamwork
  • Confidence Building and Skills Enhancement

ISI Competition Events

The Ice Skating Institute (ISI) competitions offer a variety of fun and exciting opportunities for skaters. This is not an exhaustive list, but an example of some of the event types that skaters can compete in

  • Artistic: Skaters can show technical skills through creative expression.
  • Interpretive: Improv! Skaters arrive on competition day with no clue what the judges will throw at them. Once a song begins, the skater needs to demonstrate their skills in rhythm with the chosen track.
  • Spotlight: Skaters base a performance on one of three core areas - light-entertainment, character or dramatic. Props and costumes are encouraged. Spotlight categories are available for individual skaters, couples or families.
  • Production: A team-based performance, the production merges ice skating skill demonstrations, music and costumes into a story theme. During competition skaters perform in front of an audience and judges and it is based on the performance and entertainment value demonstrated.