Awards Banquet

An annual tradition to close out the POFST season!


It's official - the 2013-2014 ice skating competition season has come to a close! The POFST held their annual end-of-year awards banquet last Sunday, June 8. It was graciously hosted at the home of Deb and Chris Asher and was themed as a luau/pool party. Member families contributed one or more food dishes for a buffet style cookout.

Awards were given to skaters, officers, and volunteers to honor accomplishments made throughout the season.

Award Criteria Winner!
Outstanding Perserverence Given to the skater that exhibits the drive and persistence necessary to excel at his/her level, despite obstacles. Paige Alexander
Diligence Presented to a skater who sets goals to improve and works as hard as it takes to achieve them. Melanie Reynolds
Admirable Sportsmanship Given to the skater that best exemplifies what being a good sport and teamwork is all about. A good role model on and off the ice. Annabelle Colgan
Superior Improvement Presented to the skater who showed the greatest improvement in any area skating - freestyle, dance and/or synchro. Ariel Olson
Skating Achievement Presented to the skater that clearly stood at the top of the team as an accomplished skater in competition and/or testing. Ariel McCoy
Esprit de Corps Presented to the skater who demonstrates a positive attitude both on and off the ice, works hard, and always supports his/her teammates regardless of competition outcomes. Kaity Wilson
Axel Award Presented to any skater who lands a consistent axel during the year, or competition, as witnessed by a coach. Melanie Reynolds & Aleyna Yazici

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