Executive Board


The Piney Orchard Figure Skating Team (POFST) is governed by a formalized set of articles known as the organizational bylaws. These bylaws set forth the definition of several officers who are elected by the general membership each year. The elected individuals make up the executive board and are listed below.


Stacey Daffron

The President shall have general management control of the business of the POFST Team. He/she shall be the chief executive officer of the POFST Team, call and preside at meetings, and promote the interests of the POFST Team in all ways. The President shall maintain the records of the POFST Team, including meeting agendas, minutes, newsletters, returns of all elections and POFST Team correspondence.

Vice President

Amanda Bridges

The Vice President shall have and exercise all the powers, authority, and duties of the President during absence or disability of the latter. In addition, the Vice President shall assist the President in all responsibilities enumerated in Section 4. A. of the Article 4. Further, the Vice President shall have principal responsibility for organizing and managing all fundraising activities of the POFST team.


Kerry Yeager 

The Treasurer shall have custody of all funds of the POFST Team, depositing same in a Federally insured institution. He/she collects the POFST Team’s revenues, signs all checks for disbursement of funds, and provides and maintains complete financial records of the POFST Team to provide a updated report at each Executive Board meeting. The Treasurer shall also prepare an annual report to the General Membership to be distributed at the final annual meeting. All disbursements by check shall be signed by a POFST President or Treasurer.


Erin Bacasnot

The Secretary shall prepare and maintain full minutes and agendas of all meetings of the POFST Team and all meetings of the Executive Board. The Secretary shall also maintain the current POFST bylaws and updating membership forms.

Membership Chairperson

Vanessa Harrod

The Membership Chairperson is responsible for maintaining the POFST Team’s organizational roster, promoting renewal of current POFST Team memberships, and recruiting potential new skaters, professionals, and family members to the POFST Team.

Publicity Chairperson

Carli Jenkins

The publicity Chairperson is responsible for promoting the POFST Team to the general public, for promoting community relations efforts involving the POFST Team, and for producing materials that inform POFST Team members of events, activities, and accomplishments of the POFST Team.

Youth Representatives

To be determined for 2018-2019 season

There will be youth representatives (18 and under) selected by the Executive Board, based on the applications, and leadership potential of the youth applicants. The Youth Representatives shall asset the Executive Board in conducting team business. Their suggestions will be solicited in the following areas: (1) fundraising; (2) team-building; and (3) team gifts.

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